The below information will cover the most common questions management are asked about the building.

Need help!

Building management are on-site regularly and available 24/7 for building emergencies. For all non-urgent matters residents are requested to log their enquiry via email at

How to access the building and your floor during a blackout or lift breakdown

In the event of a power outage the following occurs:

Fire stairs door on the right hand side of the front entrance (facing campbell street) unlocks automatically.

Level 1 fire stairs door in this stairwell is always unlocked.

Level 2 fire stairs door in this stairwell also automatically unlocks.

In the event of a lift outage: 

Fire stairs door on the right hand side of the front entrance (facing campbell street) can be swiped into by all residents.

Level 1 fire stairs door in this stairwell is always unlocked.

Level 2 fire stairs door in this stairwell can also be swiped into by all residents.

Electricity & gas meters

Residents will need to contact a service provider to set up an account for electricity and gas supply.

Generally the utility provider will have a record of your meter numbers and may visit site to conduct a meter reading. If you need to provide this information yourself see below locations of meters:

– The gas meter (grey square box) is generally located inside the apartment either under the kitchen sink or in the laundry.

– The electrical meter is located in the electrical services cupboard on your floor (common area corridor), all service providers will have the generic key to access this cupboard. Building Management can provide access to this cupboard only if the service provider will not conduct a reading on your behalf.

Connecting your telephone & internet (IMPORTANT FOR NEW RESIDENTS)

Unfortunately, due to issues with the NBN rollout, arranging an internet/phone line at Valentinos is quite difficult which is why we suggest reading this if you are new to the building and are trying to work it all out.

At present, TPG is the only service provider that can supply an internet/phone line to every single apartment without fail, the simple reason behind this is that from each apartment there are copper cables leading back to the MDF (Main Distribution Frame) located in the basement car park where TPG has their fibre racks. It is as simple as transferring the ends of the cables from the old copper racks over to the new fibre racks. Since TPG is the only company that has a fibre line to the building, they are the only provider that has the ability to do this. Other providers may advise you that they can supply a service to you however, they most likely cannot.

Once you have arranged for TPG to supply a connection, their technicians may need to access the electrical services cupboard on your floor, they generally have a key for these cupboards (called an NMB key). If not, please contact Building Management to arrange access.

Visitors parking

There are spots allocated for 24 hour visitor parking only in the car park. Residents are not permitted to park in these spots and action will be taken against offenders. If bona fide visitors require parking longer than 24 hours they will need to seek permission form the Executive Committee. Please forward this request to building management and they will forward the request to the executive committee


Residents are permitted to keep one small cat or dog (up to 10kg) within the apartment without seeking approval from the owners corporation. If you require approval for more than one animal or a large dog, please contact us.

New access cards

If you have require a new or have lost your access card please complete the access card request form available on this website in the forms section